Warriors from Delhi queue up for auditions for Renault MTV Roadies Rising

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MTV, the cult youth brand is back again with a whole new adrenalin induced season of the country鈥檚 longest-running reality show on Indian television, Renault MTV Roadies Rising powered by Vivo Smart Phone & Woodland. Giving adventure seekers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel the rush of excitement, Roadies is back with a brand new adventure squad as ace Indian off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh joins the fearsome four – original Roadie, Rannvijay Singha, the fierce and sassy, Neha Dhupia, Renault MTV Roadies X4 winner, Karan Kundra and Roadie and reality TV star, Prince Narula. To weigh in on who gets to be in their gangs, Rannvijay, Neha, Karan and Prince visited Delhi for auditions and were impressed with the enthusiasm they saw on-ground.

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This year the Roadies brigade rode down to the capital of India, Delhi, for the auditions, a city where the soil smells of bravery, sacrifice and undying love for the nation. Having been ruled by some of the most powerful emperors and sultans in Indian history, Delhi is the city of cities, built and destroyed several times and perfectly befits the theme of the show which stands for perseverance and courage. Boasting of its rich cultural legacy and effervescent聽history, Delhi-ites turned out in huge numbers to live their ultimate dream of becoming a Roadie.

Speaking about returning to Delhi for auditions, the original Roadie Rannvijay Singha said, 鈥淒elhi never disappoints us! This city has given us some of the best contestants in the past. Delhi contestants always bring with them a unique blend of passion and perseverance. This year too, I鈥檓 seeing some great energy at the audition venue and really hoping to find someone for my gang from Delhi!鈥�

The winning gang leader from last season, Karan Kundra, added, 鈥�This is the third year of my association of being a gang leader on Roadies and I am extremely kicked about the new season. We met some extremely talented and able participants at Delhi. I鈥檓 sure I鈥檒l find someone special enough for my gang from here!鈥�

Television heartthrob and winner of Roadies X2, Prince Narula, who will be auditioning contestants for the first time explained, 鈥�For me, this is an extremely crucial audition as I will be auditioning Roadies hopefuls for the first time ever! I鈥檝e been on the other side, so it鈥檚 definitely exciting for me to be on this side of the room now. Being a contestant in the past, I know how tough it can be. All I have to say to the young people auditioning in Delhi is, Roadies is all about showing your passion and putting your heart into the game. Best of luck Delhi-ites, do your best!鈥�

Fashionista and the only female gang leader in the squad, Neha Dhupia said, 鈥�I was sure Delhi would be a great show and we did get an amazing set of contestants from the city. I hope that my presence on the show as the only female gang leader keeps motivating the humongous number of girls all over the country for them to come forward for the auditions and live their Roadie-dream.鈥�

Ushering in the adventure- packed new season, the cult reality show has been reinventing itself with every new season and this year it promises to bring out the warrior within a Roadie through a life- changing experience. The new season aims at unleashing the magnanimous warrior within a Roadie by helping them fight their demons and rise from their ashes. The Roadies will commence their journey from Jhansi and will culminate at the ultimate battle ground- Kurukshetra.

The Delhi auditions were held on 4th December, with the day starting with group discussions being followed by one-on-one interaction聽with the gang leaders. The auditions were filled with oodles of excitement and more horsepower than ever!

Unleash the Roadie within you and join forces with your favorite gang leader on the ultimate road to victory with the all new, Renault MTV Roadies Rising!



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