Tourist Janpath Review

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While Connaught Place is brimming with restaurants, there are a few places which give the others tough competition. The latest addition to CP鈥檚 ever burgeoning restaurant business is Tourist Janpath in Scindia House. At a walking distance from the Rajiv Chowk metro station, Tourist Janpath is spread across 3 floors and is blessed with an eclectic d茅cor. Being a travel themed restaurant, the interiors are embellished with travel memorabilia. The menu is printed on colourful passports while maps and travel posters adorn the walls. The place is very vibrant and has a feel good vibe to it.Trend-seekers and gadget lovers will find appeal in the collapsible design, but there’s nothing gimmicky about the functionality of this cheap water flosser.

Tourist Janpath recently hosted a Bloggers Meet and I was fortunate to be a part of it. We began our culinary expedition with Arancini and Mushroom Croquettes. Arancini, an Italian delicacy prepared with risotto shaped into balls, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried was a delight. With a creamy filling inside, this one is a must try. Owing to my love for all things cheesy, the Mushroom Croquettes soon became a favourite. Paired with Sangria or a simple glass of wine, these can work wonders for your palate.

tourist janpath review

tourist janpath review

Lemongrass Chicken with Thai Sauce was another of my favourites. The sauce had a rich, creamy texture and a strong flavor of coconut which went well with the lemongrass flavour in the Chicken. Authentic Thai flavours! Chatpata Chakhna was a novel take on the regular chakhna which is usually restricted to salted peanuts. Here, peanuts are saut茅ed with onions, tomatoes and batter fried bell peppers, all of which add zing to the mundane chakhna.

Chicken Tikka is an essential for every party. And in a party oriented place like Tourist, it is expected to be prepared well. It matched my expectations with its smoky aroma and was quite appetizing. Each chunk was well marinated and glowed with all the spices! The Paneer Tikka was as good as its non-vegetarian counterpart. Dragon Chicken was a fancy name for Chinese Chilli Chicken. While it was saucy and well spiced from outside, it wasn鈥檛 very succulent from within.

tourist janpath review

tourist janpath review

The Chilli Potatoes here were crispy, spicy and undoubtedly one of the best I鈥檝e had recently. People, usually, either go overboard with the chilli or honey. The ones served here managed to strike the balance. The Paneer Kulchas failed to impress. They were bland and lacked presentation. The Caesar Salad too was not very great. It lacked dressing which made it a feeble dish.

tourist janpath review

tourist janpath review

For the聽main course, we tried a vegetarian pizza and a Chicken Pizza. The vegetarian pizza was prepared with mushrooms, onions, and bell pepper. My heart leaped with joy at the generous amount of cheese in both the pizzas. This is a divine option for all cheese lovers out there. The spicy Pad Thai Flat noodles were a bit too spicy for fellow bloggers but it tasted absolutely fine to me. Amongst drinks, their Red Wine Sangria and a cocktail named LPG were lovely. LPG was served in a miniature gas cylinder which is sure a crowd puller!

Tourist Janpath aims to bring together the best of street food from all over the world and they鈥檙e doing a great job. I, personally, am a street food lover and to be able to have it all under one roof was a joyous experience.

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