Shake Eat Up – Review

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Netaji Subhash Place (NSP) is a food hub for several offices and nearby colleges. From cafes to popular fast food chains and small vendors, this place has it all. While most of the places dona￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᄑ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᄑt have a proper seating arrangement, they are totally worth the effort. The latest addition to this burgeoning food hub is Shake Eat Up.

The place has an expansive food menu consisting of shakes, pastas, and bread. What drew me to this place were their enormous Freakshakes- Turtle Sundae and Choco Fervor Shake. My brother and I skipped lunch to satiate our Shake cravings here and ordered a Choco Fervor Freakshake. The shake signifies foodporn in every sense of the word!

Shake Eat Up Review
Beautifully decorated, this freakshake was quite unlike others of its breed which are just loaded with confectionaries without any regard for aesthetics. Essentially a chocolate shake, it was topped with a liberal scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Over this you have a tower of whipped cream embellished with choco chips and a slight drizzle of choco syrup. 2 choco cigar wafers flank the shake. The sides of the tall glass are smeared with butter cream and to this, they stick crushed (powdered) Tiger biscuits and 4 choco chip cookies. And since this is a sweet explosion in every sense, they also serve a few salty potato wafers alongside. HEAVENLY! It is quite heavy but totally worth every inch of your tummy space.

Shake Eat Up Review

With this, we ordered a Chilli Cheese Pasta which is by far the creamiest and most cheesy white sauce pasta Ia￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᄑ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᄑve ever had. There was a cheese slice at the center of the plate (just like the nearby Billua￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᄑ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᄑs Hut serves) which made the entire experience even more appetizing. The Chilly Paneer was delicious, striking the perfect balance between hot and sweet but the quantity was a tad bit disappointing.

Shake Eat Up Review

The Cheesy Garlic bread was a fluffy and cheesy delight. I, personally, did not like it that the bread was cut into thick slices and not toasted for better grip. But they provide dips to compensate for that dry texture so that shouldna￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᄑ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᄑt be much of a problem. The Cheesy fries are a pretty good option to nibble along with your shakes and pasta. Shake Eat Up also serves an in-house dip which tastes like a hybrid between Tandoori and Peri Peri Mayo but has a slightly runny consistency.

Shake Eat Up Review

Shake Eat Up is my latest favourite in town owing to an amenable staff and pocket-friendly menu. One of the staff members, Mr. Udesh was very attentive to our table and kept asking for constructive feedback. It is hardly a few months old and is definitely giving the nearby outlets a run for their moolah. Looking forward to more delicious freakshakes from them!

Author: Prakriti Bhat

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