Cafe Wanderlust: A Travel-Themed Cafe with a Homely聽Feel

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When we heard about Cafe Wanderlust, we instantly got a feel of connection with it as we both are crazy about food and traveling!

So, Cafe Wanderlust is a travel-themed cafe with beautiful interiors and a homely feel to it. The place is not very spacious but the seating arrangement is quite good having comfortable chairs with center table, bean bags, hammocks, swing seats! The walls are having reviews from the customers, travel pictures, etc.! The staff is also friendly and welcoming.

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They also have some good books and board games to enjoy and pass your time at Cafe Wanderlust.

cafe wanderlust cafe wanderlust

They offer a聽variety of food options from different states of India to different countries too. As soon as we got settled down, we were given a Samsung tab having their menu! So 鈥榗ool鈥�. We can just select our options and place the order and that order will get to the kitchen.

After exploring out all the varieties, we chose to have- Amritsari chole bhature and Of-course my favorite Pasta in red sauce and as there was chole bhature so there has to be lassi so we ordered Amritsari lassi and also the grand Wanderlust Thunderous shake (chocolate)!

cafe wanderlust cafe wanderlust

The service was quite ok as the food is made fresh and on the spot!

Coming to the food, we quite liked the chole bhature as the bhaturas were soft and fluffy and also the chole were neither spicy nor too bland, it was served with curd, red and green chutney, pickle and onions! The red sauce pasta was good but not outstanding it was served with two garlic bread pieces which were okayish.

cafe wanderlust cafe wanderlust

The Amritsari lassi was good in taste and was served chilled in a kulhad but the showstopper was the Wanderlust Thunderous shake, it was beautifully presented and was scrumptious and yummmmmmmm…! Highly recommended.

All in all a great place to relax, read books, play board games and enjoy some good food.

Location: SF-53-54, First Floor, DLF Galleria, DLF Phase-4, Gurgaon

Author:聽Sakshi Mishra




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